Awareness: IT4IT™ eLearning

Awareness: IT4IT™

This course covers everything you need to know about The Open Group’s IT4IT Standard, making it a perfect introduction for both individuals and teams.

It might be that your organization is implementing the standard, or is considering the value of doing so. You may be a decision-maker, or a potential user. You might be an IT professional, an HR executive, or an accountant. Whatever your background, the IT4IT Standard is something you need to be aware of!

This eLearning course outlines the importance of following a solid prescriptive reference architecture and discusses, in detail, the challenges faced by IT managers in the age of digital disruption.

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Why you should take this course:

Released in Q4 2015, The Open Group’s IT4IT Standard is a prescriptive reference architecture for managing the business of IT. Utilizing the ‘Value Chain’ concept, the IT4IT Standard supports the essential principle of running IT like a business in itself.

Although this course does not itself lead to any formal qualification or accreditation, it will put you in good shape to consider further IT4IT training. Good e-Learning offers a number of fully-accredited online courses, including our IT4IT Foundation course, which leads to a recognized and highly valued qualification in Digital Transformation.

Completing section one will give you a good idea of what the IT4IT Standard is about, and why it is so important for modern businesses. If you require more technical details, you can continue to section two, which really gets into the nuts and bolts of the IT4IT reference architecture. Section three offers a much closer look at the potential benefits of employing the IT4IT Standard, and in section four you will have the opportunity to further investigate the benefits of the standard according to your role in the organization.

At points during this IT4IT Awareness course, you will be asked questions that will help you retain your knowledge of the IT4IT Standard, think about what you have learned and consider how IT4IT has changed the way you think about your current work environment. Knowledge checks also appear at the end of each topic and there is even a comprehensive quiz at the end of the course.

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